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What Should You Do If You’re in a Car Accident?

Steps to Take if in a NY Car Accident

When you've been in a car accident, there are important steps you should take. These steps can help protect your health and also the health of those around you. If injuries are serious and taking legal action is necessary, they can also help you to recover compensation for damages.

Important Guidelines for Car Accidents

  1. Never flee from an accident scene. Doing so violates New York law and even if you were not responsible for causing the accident, fleeing is unlawful.
  2. Check yourself and passengers for injuries. If you or anyone has experienced a serious injury or are experiencing neck or back pain, call 911. Paramedics are trained to move patients without causing further injury and can help ensure proper medical treatment is received.
  3. Move your car to safety. If there were no injuries or the accident was minor, move your vehicle to a safe spot away from the flow of traffic. However, when injuries are serious, an accident investigation will follow, so turn on your flashers and leave your vehicle where it is. This will protect the scene so it is preserved for investigation.
  4. Check occupants of other vehicles in the accident. If other drivers or passengers are injured, then call 911.
  5. Call the police. Even when injuries do not appear serious, calling the police is a good idea. Filing a police report helps document the facts and may be required by some insurance companies. Only give the facts, and if you are uncertain, tell the officer you do not know the answer.
  6. Exchange contact information. Get the name, address, phone number, drivers license ID, insurance company name and policy number from the other persons involved in the accident. Note the vehicle description, make, model and year, vehicle registration and license tag number. Take pictures if possible.
  7. Document the accident. Write down everything you can remember about the accident. Take photos of your car and the damage. Also take pictures of any injuries you sustained, including pictures of other vehicles in the accident. Note the day, date, time and location of the accident.

Get medical treatment. Even if you only suspect you've been injured, see a doctor as soon as possible. After the shock wears off, you may discover that you were injured more than you realized.(Reference: US News)

For Serious Car Accident Injuries, Seek Legal Help

If your accident is serious, an experienced attorney can help you recover compensation. Insurance companies often try to pay as little as possible or go for early settlements that do not cover expenses. Your initial consultation with an attorney is free. There are no out-of-pocket expenses, and unless we recover compensation through settlement or verdict, you owe no fees.

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