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Benefits of Retaining a New York Accident Injury Attorney

With offices throughout the New York City area, the personal injury attorneys at Sackstein Sackstein & Lee, LLP have been assisting accident victims since Harvey Sackstein started his practice in 1952.

Sackstein Sackstein & Lee continue the tradition of fighting to help accident victims throughout New York. The secret of the firm’s success can be summed up in three words: Experience, Service and Results.

Over 70 Years of Experience:

We feature some of the most prominent personal injury lawyers in the New York City and Long Island area. Our exceptional attorneys include Mark Sackstein, who has been helping accident victims since 1984, and Eric Lee, who has been fighting for injured victims since 1996. In addition, we have seasoned associate attorneys with many years of experience and a large multilingual paralegal staff to assist. Languages include Korean, Spanish, Chinese, Creole, French and Greek.

Our law firm takes a collaborative approach, so you receive the benefit of our combined experience and varied backgrounds.

What Our Experience Means To You:

It means you can have confidence in the advice we provide regarding settlement offers. Our experience means we can evaluate your case, including the value of your claim, and that you can rely on us to provide you with excellent information and advice.

Our experience also means we know how to try cases. We are ready, willing and able to litigate your case if a fair settlement is not forthcoming. We believe our reputation in court and our extensive experience leads to higher settlement offers from insurance companies. Most insurance companies know us and know we are always prepared to go to court to fight for your compensation.

Our Success:

We have an excellent track record of success, including a $10,000,000.00 settlement in 2007 for a pedestrian struck and seriously injured by a motor vehicle. We have been successful in thousands of accident claims, including those involving auto accidents, slip and falls, construction accidents and workplace accidents, as well as birth injury and medical malpractice claims. We have obtained many multimillion-dollar awards for our clients.

For some examples of our successes, please visit our Case Results page.

Our Service:

While many clients come to us because of our reputation for excellence and our track record of success, it is our personal service and attention that make them happy and have them referring family members and friends to us.

Our personal service begins the moment you call to schedule an appointment. For your convenience, we maintain four office locations throughout the New York City and Long Island area, including the Bronx, Brooklyn, Flushing-Queens, and Garden City. If you are unable to travel, we are available to come to you in your home or in the hospital.

You will appreciate the manner in which we carefully listen to you describe what happened, your concerns and your goals. We take the time to answer questions and explain the legal process to you.

We treat you like family. We make sure you have the information you need to make informed decisions, and we fight to get you the compensation you and your family deserve. Our goal is to maximize the amount of compensation paid for your claim. We fight for back wages, the cost of past, present and future medical and special needs and awards for pain and suffering.

We also examine your claim to determine if additional sources of compensation may be available, as in cases where more than one party contributed to your injury or loss. We look out for, and protect, your interests, so you can focus on your family and your recovery.

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For additional information about us, or to discuss your claim with an experienced attorney, please schedule a free consultation by calling us toll free at 888.519.6400 or, if you prefer, fill out our Contact Form and we will contact you. Let our family fight to get your family the compensation you deserve.

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