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Types of Evidence for Proving Fault in Car Accident Cases

What can help you prove the other driver was at fault?

There’s no substitute for an experienced attorney when it comes to proving fault in car accident cases. When injuries are serious, the costs to deal with pain and suffering can be substantial. Furthermore, winning a lawsuit to recover compensation can help you deal with expenses. However, to do so, you must prove the other driver’s fault in the accident. A skilled lawyer can assist you in obtaining a favorable outcome.

Gather Evidence for Proving Fault in Car Accident Cases

What types of evidence can help you prove fault in an accident case?

  • People who saw the car accident occur can often provide testimony. As long as they are impartial and objective, they can help with a case. Whenever possible, gather contact information from potential witnesses at the time of the accident. This type of evidence can be helpful for an attorney.
  • Accident scene pictures. Today most people have cell phones and can take photos of the accident scene. Pictures of traffic signs, roadway debris and skid marks can help indicate who was at fault. In addition, different views, from close up and at a distance are also often helpful.
  • MV-104 with the DMV. Police called to an accident scene interview the parties involved and file a report. Reports might contain information about traffic law violations that led to an accident. In addition, New York law requires individuals to file an MV-104 with the DMV when involved in an accident where damages to property or to themselves exceed $1,000.
  • Traffic law violations. Violations of traffic laws indicate negligence on the part of a driver. Examples of violations include texting while driving, drunk driving, failing to yield the right of way and speeding.

Do you have questions about your car accident and recovering compensation?

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