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Videos of Traffic Accidents

Today, videos of traffic accidents are fairly commonplace. We live in an age where people can easily use their mobile phones to capture incidents live on video. On occasion, these incidents go viral when posted on YouTube. They can also take pictures of their cars immediately after an accident, which documents the damages caused by a crash. Whenever possible, taking pictures is advisable to do and can help preserve evidence for your accident case.

Recent Time Square Traffic Incident

Recently, an interesting incident captured on video at Times Square was one where a policeman tried to stop a reckless driver, and the driver knocked him down while speeding away.

Here are two articles, both published by the NY Post:

One New York Post article entitled ”Disturbing footage shows moment car hits cop in Times Square”  shows the video and the article explains how the reckless driver refused to stay stopped and drives forward into the policeman, causing him to fall.

Another New York Post article about the same incident, entitled “Witness blames cop for being hit by driver in Times Square” describes the perspective of the man who took the video. His opinion was the driver speeded away because the policeman pulled his gun on the driver, and he held the cop at fault.

What really happened? You can watch the video yourself and arrive at your own conclusion.

When incidents occur, often witnesses have different perspectives. Two people can see the same incident and have entirely different descriptions as to what occurred and who was at fault.

This fact speaks to court cases where opposing counsels argue two different sides of the same case. It is up to the judge or jury to render a decision, and we all know that judges and juries differ in their outlooks, which can result in very different outcomes for similar types of cases.

Were You Involved in a Serious Accident?

There is no substitute for having an experienced accident lawyer to represent your interests in an accident case. Judges and juries rely on case laws that set precedents for rendering verdicts, and a skilled attorney can devise strategies and frame arguments that help you win a verdict or settle your case.

Our Sackstein Sackstein & Lee, LLP  attorneys have decades of experience and an excellent track record of establishing liability and helping clients recover compensation.

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