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Wrong Diagnosis and Missed Diagnosis: Negligence or Malpractice in Diagnoses

Failure to Diagnose or a Delay in Diagnosis | Doctor Misdiagnosis

A wrong diagnosis or missed diagnose can be life threatening. Diagnoses are vital for treating serious medical conditions and diseases. For this reason, when medical errors result in a misdiagnosed condition or when there is a failure to diagnose or a delay in diagnosis, the results can be severe or even fatal.

Medical Diagnosis: What Is Malpractice?

Grounds for medical malpractice exist when a doctor or other medical professional fails to adhere to standard practices of medical care. While some diseases have similar symptoms to other diseases, a doctor must order standard tests and properly diagnose to discern the difference. Lab professionals and technicians must perform tests based on standard practices, must be accurate in their analysis and relay test results in a timely manner. Mixing up patients, and misreading a scan or x-ray are forms of negligence. So are unreasonable and unnecessary delays in sending the test results to the doctor. When patient treatment is critical, failing to schedule an appointment or delays in performing standard treatment may also be a form of negligence. Such failures and medical errors may provide grounds to pursue a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Common Diseases that Are Subject to Wrong Diagnosis or a Failure to Diagnose

Correct patient diagnosis and timely treatment can be life saving.

According to Worldcare, there are five diseases and conditions that are most commonly misdiagnosed. They include:

  • Cancer. A timely cancer diagnosis is often vital for receiving treatment that can result in remission and prolonged life. Misdiagnosed cancer tops the list for wrong or failed diagnosis because cancer presents common symptoms. Doctors fail to diagnose it or misdiagnose certain types of cancer at a percentage rate of 44 percent.
  • Heart attack. Doctors often mistake a heart attack for anxiety or indigestion.
  • Symptoms associated with strokes are common and may be mistaken for vertigo, intoxication or a migraine. This especially occurs when the individual is young.

Why You Should Consult with a Lawyer?

You should retain an attorney who has considerable experience in dealing with medical malpractice. Litigation of this type of case requires expert medical testimony to prove doctor misdiagnosis. The testimony must prove that a qualified doctor in the same or similar medical specialty would not have misdiagnosed or failed to diagnose the condition.

If you lost a family member and suspect medical malpractice was involved, consult with a lawyer. You may have grounds to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit.

Have You or a Family Member Been a Victim of Missed Diagnosis or a Failure to Diagnose?

You can find out by discussing the details with an attorney. We offer a free consultation. At Sackstein Sackstein & Lee, LLP, our attorneys have extensive experience. We also have access to the medical resources that are necessary when pursuing cases based on medical negligence. Your case matters to us. Find out how we can help.

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