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Medical Malpractice: Signs of Delivery Errors in New York

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Labor and delivery can become difficult when birth complications arise. For this reason, the medical field has established accepted medical practices to protect the wellbeing of the mother and baby. Yet, when medical professionals handle labor and delivery without adhering to accepted medical practices, they may cause serious injury to the mother or baby. In such instances, grounds may exist for a medical malpractice lawsuit. An attorney with access to medical experts has the wherewithal to discover whether medical negligence was the underlying cause of injuries.

As a parent, while you may have your suspicions, you will not know explicitly whether medical malpractice was a factor. It is wise to consult with an experienced medical malpractice lawyer as soon as possible to actually determine whether medical negligence occurred.

What Signs Often Point to Delivery Errors?

It is important to be aware of signs that under certain circumstances often indicate negligence. Here are a few factors:

  • During labor, fetal monitors showed a significant drop in the baby's heart rate
  • The umbilical cord wrapped around the baby's neck
  • A prolonged delivery finally resulted in a C-section
  • Medical records are missing
  • Medical records have been altered or changed
  • Medical records indicate facts or events that were inaccurate or untrue
  • A vacuum extractor or forceps were used to speed up the delivery of the baby
  • The doctor or staff ignored pregnancy complications or birth complications
  • An infection was not diagnosed or treated during pregnancy
  • The baby was taken to the neonatal intensive care unit
  • The baby should have been taken to the neonatal intensive care unit but was not
  • Medical staff noted an abnormal delivery and indicated it should have been handled differently
  • The doctor diagnosed the baby with permanent injury such as cognitive impairment or cerebral palsy
  • The doctor failed to induce labor when the baby was overdue and the mother had gestational diabetes

Brain damage, strokes caused by blood clotting, and infected amniotic fluid can result from a failure to deliver a baby in a timely manner.

What Should You Do?

If you suspect your hospital birth involved errors that resulted in serious injury, consult with a lawyer. An attorney can take legal action to help you recover compensation for personal injury, medical expenses, pain and suffering and other related damages.

Have You or Your Child Been Subject to Delivery Errors During Childbirth?

You can find out by sitting down with one of our attorneys. Discuss the details of your childbirth and the injuries sustained in a free consultation. Handling medical malpractice cases requires extensive legal skills. At Sackstein Sackstein & Lee, LLP, our attorneys have decades of experience and we also have access to the medical resources that are necessary when pursuing medical malpractice cases. Your case matters to us. Find out how we can help.

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