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Construction Site Accident Lawyer in New York City

The construction industry has a higher rate of workplace fatalities than any other industry. Unquestionably, construction work remains dangerous, despite regulations and laws enacted to eliminate as much risk as possible.

Even when workers take precautions, are careful and stay aware of others working around them, accidents can still occur through no fault of their own. Faulty equipment, improperly fastened scaffolds, falling debris and other OSHA violations can result in injury or death.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in 2016 that workplace fatalities in New York City were highest in the private construction and excavation industry sector. Fatalities were higher despite the fact that New York State has the most stringent construction laws in the country with its Labor Laws Section 200, Section 240 (“Scaffolding Law”) and Section 241. New York’s Labor Laws enable injured workers to bring lawsuits against contractors or property owners who are in violation of these sections. No other states in the country have such high legal standards to protect its construction workers.

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What Types of Construction Accidents Are Common?

The following accidents are commonly caused by work conditions:

Negligent Maintenance of Equipment. If equipment such as ladders, power tools or scaffolds is not properly maintained, workers are often subject to serious injuries.

Excavation & Tunnel Accidents. Tunneling and excavation can lead to tunnel wall collapse, drowning or electrocution through exposure to underground electrical wires.

Falling Objects & Debris Injuries. Power tools that fall from scaffolds or other structures at significant heights can pose great danger to workers below. When debris collects in and around a construction site, workers are more at risk of tripping and falling.

Construction Job Motor Vehicle Accidents. Cranes, bulldozers, forklifts and other vehicles are necessary for constructing buildings but can also be involved in collisions. Workers struck by heavy equipment often suffer serious injuries or death.

Negligent Training or Supervision of Construction Workers. Construction work often involves specialized skills and strict adherence to safety regulations. When training or supervision is lax, injuries and fatalities can occur.

Injury by Dangerous or Defective Tools & Machinery. Defective tools and machinery, including cranes, ladders, power tools and other equipment put workers at risk, and manufacturers can be held liable for injuries.

Crane & Heavy Equipment Accidents. Earthmovers, dump trucks, backhoes, graders and cranes are heavy equipment used in construction and require substantial skill to operate safely.

Construction Accidents Involving Falling Objects. Lumber, beams, equipment and other construction materials can fall from great heights onto workers below, resulting in serious injuries.

Construction Accidents Involving Falls from Heights. Building skyscrapers and other tall structures with many stories require working at high elevations. Falling from heights typically results in serious injuries or death. When negligence is involved, you may have grounds to pursue a lawsuit.

Ladder and Scaffold Accidents. In many ladder and scaffold accident cases, workers are protected under New York Labor Laws, which have strict requirements that contractors and property owners must abide by to maintain a safe construction site.

Injured in a NYC Construction Site Accident?

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