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E-bike Accidents Fatalities in NYC

Were you injured in an e-bike accident or scooter accident?

E-bike accidents in NYC increased significantly within a short period of time. Today, here are more e-bikes on the road than ever before. In addition, New York City has a great amount of pedestrian traffic. As a result, pedestrians are not just at risk of being hit by a vehicle. By comparison, pedestrian accidents involving vehicles greatly outnumber pedestrians being hit by e-bikes. However, the increase in e-bike fatalities are noteworthy.

According to the New York Post, e-bike accidents fatalities increased by 233 percent between 2019 and 2020. There were six e-bike fatalities in 2019 and 20 e-bike fatalities in 2020.

Stricter laws to prevent e-bike accidents

The Upper West Side Community Board Seven voted in June to ban e-bikes from bike lanes. Bikers riding through red lights was one issue they addressed. The board also called for stricter enforcement of traffic laws.

Recent e-bike accident victims

In April of 2021, an e-bike struck Jing Fong, the manager of an Upper West Side restaurant. He died as a result of the injuries.

The day before Jing Fong's accident, an e-bike struck a 67-year-old photographer in Midtown. The biker didn't stop. The woman lived but suffered from a fractured hip.

In May, an e-bike hit Kelly Killian, a 54-year-old real estate agent at the corner of 21st Avenue and 31st Street. She died from the injuries.

In June, a hit-and-run scooter driver critically injured actress Lisa Banes on the Upper West Side. She also died from her injuries.

Did a biker seriously injure or kill your loved one in an e-bike accident?

Unsafe vehicle and e-bike drivers put pedestrians at risk. Speeding and traffic violations, such as running red lights can lead to serious injuries and even death. If your loved one suffered serious injuries or died in a pedestrian accident with an e-bike, consult with a lawyer.

Holding responsible parties accountable can help create safer conditions for other pedestrians as well. A lawsuit can help you offset the high expenses of medical treatment and lost wages due to injury. Sackstein, Sackstein & Lee, LLP offers a free consultation to explain your legal rights. Call our toll free number at (888) 519-6400 or reach out to us through our contact form.

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