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Bicycle Accidents in NYC Are on the Rise in 2019

People Are Shocked by the Number of Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents are prevalent this year. As of July 30, there have been 18 bicycle accident deaths in New York City.

The latest accident occurred in the Greenwood Heights area of Brooklyn. As a bicyclist swerved to avoid an opening car door, a tractor-trailer truck hit the bicyclist and killed her. According to a CBS New York report, the victim was 30 years old. The accident occurred in the morning at 35th Street and Third Avenue.

One bicyclist told the reporter that he had been doored four times while riding his bike in this area. According to bike advocates, Third Avenue has eight car lanes and no bike lane. It is a very dangerous area for bikers. This recent accident occurred only a few blocks away from where another bicyclist was struck and killed on January 1, 2019.

New York City's Response to the Increase in Bicycle Accidents

Mayor De Blasio has a multi-million dollar cyclist safety plan, which would provide more protected bike lanes. It would also expand bike lanes in priority Brooklyn and Queens districts where accidents are prevalent. Furthermore, the plan would provide greater law enforcement in the most dangerous sections.

Plans also exist to expand Project Green Wave, which enables all traffic to pass from one green light to another. Zones in the Green Wave Project will have speed limits set to 15 miles per hour. Next year, the first corridors for the project will come online.

The Mayor revealed this plan after the 17th biker had died on July 23.

Bicycle Accidents from a Legal Perspective

To bring a lawsuit for serious injury or death in a bicycle accident, the attorney must prove that the driver was at fault. Opening a door without regard to bicycle traffic, violating the bicyclist’s right of way and other traffic infractions often point to negligence.

For serious accident injuries, it is wise to consult with an attorney and discuss your rights.

Our lawyers at Sackstein Sackstein & Lee, LLP have handled many bicycle accident cases over the years and have been successful in recovering compensation for clients.

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