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Can Accident Reconstruction of Collisions Help Your Case?

What is accident reconstruction?

Accident reconstruction of collisions is sometimes necessary to prove who was at fault, especially in complicated car accident cases. The outcome of a case depends on gathering evidence that can establish the other party’s negligence.

As the name “accident reconstruction” implies, the process reconstructs how the accident occurred. Doing so sometimes reveals the existence of one or more accident causes. In any case, the at-fault party or parties must bear the responsibility of compensation for damages.

What aspects of an accident does a reconstruction specialist examine?

Accident reconstruction specialists are typically engineers. In addition, they have specific training related to vehicle accidents, enabling them to analyze and evaluate causes. Their knowledge of regulatory standards also helps them determine whether a vehicle was defective or in need of repair. They can perform tests and conduct simulations to demonstrate how an accident took place. Some of the factors they examine might include:


  • Road conditions of the crash site
  • Highway or road debris
  • Positions of the vehicles after the crash
  • Visibility of obstacles associated with the collision
  • Application of brakes prior to impact
  • Angles of the crash
  • Vehicle speeds at the time of impact
  • Use of anti-lock brakes
  • Damage that the collision caused to the road
  • Engine lights displaying before the crash
  • Weather conditions
  • Alcohol or drug influence on drivers
  • Rpm of the vehicle engines before the crash
  • Whether cruise control was being used


What types of situations warrant accident reconstruction of collisions?

Conflicting facts about the accident can complicate a case. One driver might give one account. Yet, another driver might have a completely different perspective of how the accident happened. Perhaps, there were no witnesses, or perhaps investigators could not locate the witnesses. In addition, evidence may be missing.

Another possibility is that the opposing counsel for the other party is using an accident reconstruction specialist. If that is the case, to argue the effectively, your attorney must refute those facts. By hiring their own reconstruction engineer to gather data, other plausible causes could be presented.

At any rate, when a complicated accident involves severe damages, building a strong case is crucial for achieving a favorable outcome.

Seek legal help with complicated accident cases

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