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Truck Driver Liability for Blind Spots in Accidents

Truck driver liability for blind spots is often a factor in truck accidents. Blind spots are areas where drivers cannot see other vehicles or pedestrians, also called the “no zone.” Just as cars have blind spots, so do trucks, and especially semi-trucks or 18-wheelers, which have blind spots that are extensive on all sides of their vehicles.

Facts About Large Truck Blind Spots

Truck drivers sit high in the cabs of their vehicles, and in certain situations this position enhances visibility. However, when other vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles or pedestrians are close to the truck, such proximity diminishes the truck driver’s ability to see them. This is especially true when they are a good deal lower than the truck.

Truck blind spots include:

  • The front blind spot extends close to 20 feet in front of the truck.
  • The side blind spots nearly extend the length of the truck. If you can see the driver’s face in his side view mirror, he should be able to see your vehicle. If not, it is safe to assume you are hidden from his view.
  • The rear no-zone of a truck extends about 200 feet from the rear of the truck.

Truck Driver Liability

Truck drivers must take reasonable precautions when they change lanes, make turns or slow down. They must check for other cars or people who could be in their way. Failure to do so is negligent, and when accidents resulting in damages occur as a result of their breach of duty, injured parties can hold them liable.

Often the trucking company is liable for a driver’s actions when the driver is on duty and driving for the company. When companies hire truck drivers that have driving records of drunk or reckless driving, they are at risk for being held responsible for accident damages.


Have You Been Injured or Lost a Loved One in a Truck Accident?

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