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NY Scaffold Safety

Prevention of scaffolding injuries is a vital issue in New York, given the fact that building construction is so prevalent. One glance at the New York City skyline tells you that this metropolis is heavily involved in construction work. Not to mention that New York is the only state in the country that has a scaffold law. The Scaffold Law holds contractors and property owners responsible for the safety of construction workers using scaffolds.

That said there are guidelines workers can follow to lessen the risk for scaffolding accidents.

Convergence Training recommends that construction workers follow certain safety guidelines.

Firm Bases for Scaffolds

Safety begins with a solid scaffold base. Ensure you do the following.

Mud sills and base plates (screw jacks) provide additional support for the scaffold base. The scaffold should have screws inserted into the legs for leveling.

Fall Protection Equipment

If the scaffold is 10 feet or higher workers must use fall protection equipment to meet OSHA safety requirements. Fall protection equipment could be a guardrail or a personal fall arrest system. Workers can wear a fall protection harness. The body harness has anchors and connectors that attach to a line that would protect the worker against a fall. Before each use, workers must inspect the harness to ensure it is working properly.

Points of Scaffold Safety Checked by Competent Person

As a safety measure, contractors should assign a competent person to check the scaffold before use for:

Have You Suffered from a Scaffold Injury?

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