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Whole Section of a Condominium Unexpectedly Collapsed

The 13 story Miami condominium collapse may well be the worst accidental failure in U.S. construction history. The structure unexpectedly fell even though described as a progressive collapse.

According to The New York Times, design flaws or building codes that allowed less stringent construction might underlie the accident. Given the way the building fell, the source of collapse appears to be located near the base of the structure.

Injuries and Death Toll

More than 150 people remain missing with 16+ deaths confirmed. Generally an earthquake, hurricane or some natural cause precipitates this type of collapse and resulting death and injuries. Absent these factors, such building collapses are unheard of. Federal, state and local investigations are beginning to examine and evaluate the cause.

Prior Evidence of Major Structural Damage in the Miami Condominium Collapse

Three years prior, a consultant had discovered substantial cracking and crumbling of the beams, columns and walls of the parking garage under building. The consultant  also noted structural damage to the concrete slab under the pool deck.

The fact that the consultant reported damage and nothing was done to repair or deal with the issue points to negligence.

NPR reported that prior to the collapse of the large section of Chaplain Towers South, the building's condo board notified residents through a letter about the substantial structural deterioration. The estimated $9.1 million for repairs in 2018 had risen to $15 million in April, 2021. The condo association had hired an engineer in 2018 to inspect the building, in advance of the required 40 year inspection in 2021.

The Importance of Seeking Legal Help

Whenever serious injury or death occurs due to apparent negligence, there is often legal recourse to recover compensation. Compensation can help offset the high expenses of medical bills and lost income.

A personal injury lawyer offers a free initial consultation to determine whether grounds for legal action exist. There are no out of pocket expenses. Attorneys receive contingency based fees, which means fees are a percentage of the compensation recovered in the case. To arrange an appointment, you can call our toll free number at (888) 519-6400 or reach us through our contact form.


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