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Who is at-fault when a driver runs a red light?

When a driver runs a red light, crashes into your car and serious injury occurs, what are your legal rights? In general, the  person violating  a  traffic  law is at  fault  in a crash. Running a red light is a traffic violation because it violates the other driver's right-of-way. Motorists must respect other drivers and obey the law. When they  fail to do so they are negligent.

In most cases involving a motor vehicle accident, the injured person will be entitled to no-fault benefits which will provide coverage for hospital and medical bills, and limited coverage for loss of earnings.

When injuries are serious, an attorney can help protect your rights in a red light crash accident. You should seek legal help for any car accident injury that meets the "serious injury" threshold as defined by Section 5102 (d) of The Insurance Law.

Legal representation can help you avoid hardship due to high medical costs and can provide you with compensation for your injuries.

What is New York law regarding red lights?

New York State law requires drivers to come to a complete stop at a red light. They must do so before entering the intersection or making a right turn.

Running a red light in New York is a traffic violation. Red light and stop sign violations can result in fines and demerit points on the motorist's driving record.

Unless there is a posted sign allowing a right turn on red, drivers cannot  make a right turn at a red light in New York City. This is true in most large cities with populations greater than one million people.

How do red light cameras work in New York State?

Many New York intersections use automated cameras to record red-light violations. The violation caught on camera does not go on the driver's record or affect insurance premiums.

However, camera records of a driver running a red light can serve as evidence in a personal injury case.

Do you need a lawyer for a red light crash accident?

Whenever injuries are serious, you should rely on an attorney's skill. Typically, the higher the exposure is to an insurance company to pay for potential damages, the more an insurance company will develop legal strategies to avoid payment. The likelihood of receiving a fair settlement is far greater with an experienced  attorney  at your side.

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