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What to Expect?

With covid-19 decreasing, reopening NYC and Long Island is a welcome change for many. However, if China serves as an example, perhaps we can learn from their experience of reopening cities in heavily populated areas.

According to Streetsblog USA, when China reopened, the surge in traffic rapidly returned to pre covid-19 levels. Rush hour traffic resulted in congestion, and air quality deteriorated with an increasing number of cars hitting the road.

It is possible that New York City and other highly populated areas will experience similar traffic and pollution consequences.

Covid-19, Reopening NYC and Long Island: What It Means for Traffic

Less driving was a benefit during the pandemic. It brought about cleaner air quality and fewer traffic deaths. Ways to maintain safety while reopening could include:

If the economy can get back on its feet through alternative ways of working, it is to our advantage. Less driving saved lives, not only from the coronavirus contagion, but also from traffic accidents.

How Courts Are Reopening

NYC Courts as of June 8, entered into Phase I of the reopening. By June 10, judges were back in assigned courthouses. While court officers and clerks continued to work at courthouses throughout the pandemic, judges and a limited number of staff are just now back working onsite. Some actions will still be conducted virtually to deal with the high volume of legal traffic.

At this point, the entire State of New York court system is engaged in either Phase I or Phase II reopening. Planning is in place to monitor and determine the volume of traffic for each phase of reopening the courts. Wearing masks and social distancing is still required to keep everyone safe from covid-19 risks.

Do You Have Questions about Pursuing a Case During Covid-19?

Many people have questions about how COVID-19 could affect their personal injury case. At Sackstein, Sackstein & Lee, LLP, we continue to help to many clients and are glad to answer your questions.

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