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Subway Accidents: How Safe Is the Aging NYC Subway System?

Subway accidents are more prone to happen in an old subway system. As with the rest of our country’s aging infrastructure, the older the New York City subway infrastructure becomes, the more you can expect malfunctions and delays. However, the risk of subway derailment like the one that occurred in June 2017 is also making people worry.

The Manhattan Subway Accident

The New York Times  reported that dozens of people suffered injury when the subway derailed in Manhattan on June 27, 2017. After emergency brakes activated, sparks flew and smoke filled the air inside and outside the subway cars, and then the two subway cars careened off the tracks. The derailment occurred around 10:00 a.m.

Panic and chaos followed as passengers groped in the dark, trying to figure out how to get off the subway train. Some people were screaming, and others threw up because the smoke was so dense.

Fire Department officials reported that at least 34 people suffered injury from the derailment and 17 were taken to area hospitals for treatment. Fortunately, their injuries were minor.

Preliminary investigation revealed that someone had stored an “improperly secured piece of replacement rail” on the tracks. The damage to the track from the derailment was extreme. It damaged approximately 200 feet of track and signal equipment. Hunks of concrete were torn off the subway walls.

Previous NY Subway Accidents

A subway accident in Brooklyn occurred in 2015 due to crumbling walls falling on the tracks. Three people were injured during the accident and the need for infrastructure improvements became apparent at that time.

Have You Been Injured in a Subway Accident?

If you suffered serious injury in a subway accident, find out about your rights to sue for damages. Consult with our attorneys at Sackstein Sackstein & Lee, LLP  during a free initial consultation to discuss a potential claim.

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