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Scaffolding Accident in Lower Manhattan Injures Four People

The loud crash of scaffolding collapsing on Sunday, November 19 brought New Yorkers running to the accident scene. Gone are the days of New York passers-by standing distant and watching. Many pitched in to help.

According to the New York Post, dozens of people rushed to help people trapped underneath the fallen scaffolding.

The accident took place at the Prince and Broadway. People pulled the scattered boards of scaffolding, lifted long beams and metal sheets and freed one woman within minutes. According to one witness, she appeared to have a head injury and injured leg. A total of five people suffered injury, two pedestrians were trapped under the debris and three were hit by it.

A strong gust of wind shook and blew over the shed holding up the scaffolding and brought it tumbling down. The shed was high, about 20 feet tall. The wind caught hold of the exterior plywood panels, which billowed like a sail and blew the shed over.

FDNY Deputy Chief Joseph Lonino said there were a total of five injuries and they were all minor.

One man noticed the shed was rickety and took a picture of it to send to his boss. Fortunately for him, he walked away from it about 20 minutes before the scaffolding fell.

High Winds

Other wind damage accidents also occurred on Sunday, which included a huge tree falling onto the roof of a car in Midwood. In the Bronx, a tree blew over and crashed into some parked cars. A meteorologist clocked winds between 40 and 50 miles per hour and stated that they were strong gusts.

For Serious Accidents Seek Legal Help

Experienced personal injury lawyers can determine whether liability exists in any accident and it is worth your while to check, especially when injuries are serious. In this instance, lawyers can determine whether the construction company bears liability for the scaffolding collapse. If the shed and scaffolding failed to meet NY scaffolding law standards, they may be responsible for damages despite the high winds.

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