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New York Construction Job Motor Vehicle Accidents

What Dangers Do Vehicle Accidents Pose at Construction Sites?

A variety of vehicles are used on the job at construction sites and they all have vital functions in the construction industry. Unfortunately, wherever there are drivers and vehicles, the potential for vehicle accidents exists.

Some sites hum with activity and you see delivery trucks coming and going along with heavy machinery vehicles in operation. However, at various times drivers, vehicle passengers, workers and pedestrians can be in danger and subject to vehicle accidents.

What types of vehicles are present at construction sites?

The following vehicles are used to facilitate construction labor:

  • Bulldozers. Bulldozers have heavy metal blades in the front to push debris away and clear areas for construction.
  • Front loaders. Front loaders load debris onto dump trucks with a shovel or scoop attached to the front of the vehicle.
  • Dump trucks. Dump trucks carry debris away from construction sites.
  • Backhoes/Excavators. Backhoes are used to dig small trenches for water and sewer pipes and also to bury pipes after they have been laid.
  • Cranes. Cranes lift heavy objects and materials such as metal beams to higher elevations.
  • Graders. Graders are primarily used to move small quantities of dirt.
  • Trenchers. Trenchers vary greatly in size and are used for digging trenches, laying and installing drainage pipes.
  • Delivery trucks. Trucks transport building materials to construction sites, including heavy metal beams, cement, roofing, dry wall and other materials.

What are common causes of vehicle accidents at construction sites?

Workers and pedestrians can get hit by a vehicle, especially when a driver is distracted or not paying close attention. Workers often do their jobs in extreme heat and can become exhausted and careless. Vehicles can also be involved in crashes with other vehicles as they leave construction sites and travel on adjacent roads or highways.

OSHA reports that being struck by heavy equipment or vehicles is one of the major hazards of working in a construction zone. This can occur inside the work zone or with passing traffic outside the work area. Workers often wear reflective vests and other protective clothing to increase their visibility and reduce the potential for accidents.

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