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Construction Accidents Involving Falling Objects

New York Construction Accidents Involving Falling Objects

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New York construction accidents involving falling objects differ greatly due to the nature of the falling object and the height from which an object fails. Some falling objects result in death or serious injury, and others result in minor bruises or scrapes.

Compare a hammer falling a few feet with a hammer falling from the top of a 10-story building. The hammer falling a few feet could bounce off a worker and possibly bruise him. A hammer falling from the top of a building would have enough force to shatter bones or pierce a body part.

When an object of substantial weight falls from an elevated location, such as an I-beam or cement block lined with rebar, catastrophic or fatal injuries can result.

New York Law Offers Protection Against Construction Accidents Involving Falling Objects

More than a century ago, New York legislators recognized the potential severity of falling objects at construction sites. In 1885, they passed Labor Law 240, also known as the Scaffold Law. The law offered protection for construction industry workers, who fell from heights or were struck by falling objects.

The law held owners and contractors liable for the safety of workers at their construction sites. They had to provide a safe work environment that incorporated a variety of safety measures: training, well-maintained equipment, protective devices, and as of 1970, adherence to OSHA regulations.

Going Beyond Workers Compensation

While workers compensation is adequate to deal with the costs of many injuries, in some cases where severe injury or death has resulted from falling objects, damages exceed the amounts that workers compensation would cover. In such cases, severely injured workers or families that have lost loved ones can sometimes hold a third party accountable. These are parties other than the worker’s employer. Third parties subject to liability claims are often an owner, contractor or subcontractor.

What types of serious injuries can be sustained in an accident involving falling objects?

While many types of injuries can occur, the following are a few common injuries that result from falling objects:

  • Traumatic brain injury. Even though workers wear hard hats, blows to the head can result in concussions and brain damage. Such injuries may either be short or long-term injuries and receiving proper medical treatment is vital.
  • Amputation. A crushed arm or leg may require surgical amputation and in some accidents, the force of the falling object can sever a limb.
  • Spinal cord and back injury. A falling object that strikes the back can damage muscles, tissues, bones and the spinal cord. The impact can crush vertebrae or even cause paralysis if the spinal cord is severed. In such instances, surgery and physical therapy are often necessary to restore the individual to a better quality of life.
  • Death. In the worst instances, a falling object can kill a worker, which leaves the family with a severe emotional loss and long-term financial burdens.

Types of Pursuable Damages in Construction Site Accidents Involving Falling Objects

The types of compensation attorneys seek on behalf of injured clients in a third party claim often include:

  • Medical bills, present and future
  • Lost income, present and future
  • Compensation for pain and suffering endured because of the injury
  • Punitive damages, if extreme negligence or recklessness was involved

Consult with Our Lawyers about Third Party Construction Injury Claims

Seeking legal counsel as soon as possible is vital for recovering compensation. We understand the financial hardship you face.

Some construction accidents may not provide grounds for pursuing a lawsuit, but we offer a free consultation to evaluate your accident and injury. When families lose a loved one as a result of a construction accident, in many cases they can pursue a wrongful death claim.

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