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New York City Pedestrian Deaths on the Rise

Pedestrian Accidents Are a Serious Issue in NYC

As of May 2021, pedestrian deaths in NYC had surged from 26 to 41. This is a 58% increase in fatalities. We know that 2020 was an unusual year, but how did these statistics compare with 2018 and 2019?

According to the New York Post, during the same period of January to the end of April the stats were:

  • 31 pedestrian deaths in 2018
  • 34 pedestrian deaths in 2019

In 2020, many New Yorkers sheltered in place during the coronavirus pandemic. The number of pedestrian deaths in 2020 for the complete year dropped to 99, which was the lowest on record for NYC. Record keeping began in 1910.

What Types of Accidents Occurred and Why?

While many factors can lead to pedestrian accidents, here is what happened in a few recent instances.

  • A BMW hit-and-run driver killed Marguerite Iskenderian, age 77, who at 9:00 p.m. was crossing Nostrand Avenue at Avenue H in Midwood.
  • Another pedestrian in Brooklyn died after an MTA bus hit a pole, which fell on him. The bus accident occurred on Eastern Parkway near Utica after 7:00 p.m. The bus driver swerved to miss a disabled vehicle and struck the pole. The victim, Lance Margolin, age 59, died from head injuries at Kings County Hospital Center.

When NYC launched Vision Zero in 2014, it targeted problem streets and made safety improvements. For the previous five years, it received credit for the reduction in traffic fatalities. However, now pedestrian accidents are on the rise, once again.

Reasons You Should Seek Legal Help with Accidents

When someone else is at fault for causing an accident, legal recourse may exist to recover compensation. The costs of medical treatment are high with serious injuries. Compensation for damages can help you  offset the high costs of medical care and lost income.

We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your accident and determine whether a grounds exist for a case. You will have no out-of-pocket expenses. We only get paid if we settle or win your case in court.

To arrange an appointment, you can call our toll free number at (888) 519-6400 or reach us through our contact form.


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