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Multitasking and Driving Is a Dangerous Combination

The Myths of Multitasking

Multitasking and driving can lead to accidents. This is true despite the fact that people who multitask tell you how effective they are at multitasking. Ironically, in some areas of society, multitasking is highly valued. For example, employers might ask about an employee’s ability to multitask when interviewing them for job positions.

The Truth About Multitasking and Driving

Two professors at the University of Utah conducted a study on multitasking using undergraduates as participants. A total of 310 psychology undergraduates participated in the study, 176 females and 134 males. The professors used a driving simulator in their research, along with other testing and surveying students for information.

Psychology professors David Sanbonmastu and David Strayer, both senior authors of the study said those who were the most confident about multitasking were the worst at it. Furthermore, the people who were most likely to multitask were also the most likely to believe they were better than average at it. In reality, they were no better than average or were worse than average.

Study Findings

The top 25 percent who performed best at multitasking tended not to multitask. The reason was they preferred focusing on one task at a time. In contrast, participants who multitasked the most were more easily drawn into secondary tasks. They tended to be impulsive. The study showed many had an inability to concentrate and tended to act without thinking.

Multitasking and Distracted Driving

Driving safely requires a driver’s full attention. The fact that many people do not focus on the road is a factor that causes accidents. There is even a name for doing other things while driving. It is called distracted driving. Texting while driving is the most dangerous type of distracted driving. The reason is the driver has no attention on the road while texting, not visually or cognitively. Also their hands are not on the driving wheel.

Texting and driving accidents generally provide grounds to pursue a lawsuit based on negligence.

If you are a victim of a texting and driving accident, our experienced attorneys can help. We can investigate the accident and advise you about your rights to take legal action.

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