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How to Protect Yourself in a Road Rage Accident

Spotting Road Rage and How to Deal with It

A road rage accident can occur when an angry driver takes revenge by deliberately crashing into another car, side swiping another car or running it off the road. It can also occur when rage makes the driver lose his or her ability to react reasonably. Due to impaired judgment, mistakes get made and human error is one of the most common causes of accidents. When in a rage, a driver can run a red light, deny another driver the right of way, or simply take a turn at too high of a speed, causing an accident.

What Can You Do to Avoid Being a Road Rage Victim?

Because road rage is often a reaction to another driver's lack of consideration, you can make sure you are considerate of other drivers. AAA suggests observing the following in your own driving:

  • Maintaining appropriate distance between other cars
  • Allowing other cars to merge
  • Using turn signals
  • Using your horn only when necessary and tapping, not blasting it
  • Parking in a single spot, not taking up multiple spaces
  • Not hitting cars parked beside you with your door

How to Deal with the Other Driver after a Road Rage Accident

When another driver is in a rage and causes an accident, you should take precautions to avoid further harm. What should your behavior be like?

The following are some suggestions:

  • Avoid eye contact with the other angry driver
  • Do not react with the driver's aggression by responding with your own aggression
  • Call 911 if you feel threatened
  • If confronted, stay calm and be as courteous as you can
  • If possible, drive to a public place such as a police station, hospital or fire station
  • Remain in your locked vehicle
  • Park allowing enough room to pull out safely if the driver approaches you aggressively

Contact an Accident Lawyer

When serious injury or death result from an accident, it is vital to have a lawyer who can protect your rights. If the driver's aggressive behavior disrupts traffic and leads to a collision between two other vehicles, the road rage driver may face legal liability. In fact, the National Law Review indicated in an article that drivers engaging in road rage may also be subject to criminal charges.

When injuries are severe, it is wise to obtain an experienced attorney, who can hold the driver accountable and recover compensation on your behalf.

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