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When it comes to your Workers' Compensation claim, information is king!
Browse our FAQs below to get answers to the most commonly asked questions about Workers' Compensation claims.
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You never pay a dime out of pocket for our help.

We earn our fee by securing you a permanent partial disability award and/or settlement. This is a contingency fee of 20%, which is the common fee across our state.

Our clients need their temporary disability checks to live. We NEVER withhold a fee from these benefits. 

Call us! Should your employer not help you with your injury, we must file a claim directly with the Workers’ Compensation Commission. The process to file a claim and have a hearing with a judge may take 1-2 months, so acting immediately will make all the difference.

If your employer takes negative action towards you for filing a claim, you may be entitled to damages for retaliation. Call us to make sure your boss does not take advantage of you.

In a successful workers’ compensation suit, your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance provider will pay your bills. However, this may take time, and some bills may be due before your claim is complete. In those cases, you may get reimbursed for payment or be able to delay bill payment until after your claim.

The sad reality is that many law firms take on too many cases for attorneys to be in direct contact with clients. Our promise to you is that your attorney is available to speak to you regarding your case and will be the first to speak to you about your injury.

Once you are our client, we want nothing more from you than to follow your doctor’s orders to get better. Contact us should anything change in your treatment plan and your work restrictions. We will handle the headache of getting you the benefits you deserve from the insurance company.

Every case is different. In some cases, you may get a settlement offer right away. In other cases, you may have a longer wait. Insurance companies often offer settlements quickly but will undervalue your needs in the process. It is worth being patient and reviewing your settlement in depth with an attorney, even if it takes longer.

Almost always, no. Workers’ Compensation is known as your “exclusive remedy” for seeking benefits after an injury at work.

However, if your injury at work was caused by the negligence of a person or company who you don’t work for, call us to find out how we may pursue them for extra money.

Cases typically remain active depending on the severity of your injury. We all heal differently. As a rule of thumb, a case is active for one year after an injury or after surgery, whichever comes later. It is important to know that many serious injuries take more than one year to fully heal.

Yes, however, most insurance companies will not and cannot settle your case unless you no longer work for your employer anymore. The value of a case may rise or fall as time goes on, so it is important to have an in-depth conversation with your attorney prior to negotiating settlement.

We attend hearings on your behalf.  You are free to attend any hearing on your case and we will discuss your case with you prior to the hearing to develop a strategy.

The only hearing where your attendance is required would be a settlement approval hearing. If you live in CT, you must attend with us by your side.

If you are put on light duty by your doctor, you must return to work if your employer can create a position for you within your restrictions. Should your employer tell you to do work above your restrictions, call us immediately!

Your employer may not terminate you for simply filing a claim

However, in CT, employment is considered “at will.” This means your employer may terminate you for any reason so long as it does not infringe upon a constitutional right.

We recommend you file for FMLA, which will protect your job for 12 weeks while you recover. Should you be a union member, we will review your contract to see if you are owed additional protections form termination.

No. A case may only truly close if you either pass away or you settle your claim.

It is not too late. Call us to discuss your old injuries as you may be leaving thousands of dollars on the table.

Yes. Should the insurance company consistently pay your weekly benefits late, you may be owed additional benefits. Let us take the fight in front of a judge for you.

Typically, yes. Your employer must pay you your base salary or hourly wage if they accommodate you with light duty restrictions. Should your hours be reduced while on light duty or you are missing out on overtime, we will ensure you are paid a differential.

Yes, it is possible to be paid for lost time from a second job if you were injured at a different job. The second job must meet certain requirements dictated by the Second Injury Fund of CT. If your second job qualifies, the insurance company of the job that injured you must reimburse you for both jobs.

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