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How You Can Help Your Attorney (and Yourself) When You Have Been Hurt

Simple Steps to Help Your Legal Cause When You Have Suffered an Injury

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In the aftermath of a personal injury, it’s all about finding and hiring the best lawyer, isn’t it? Then you just get out of the way and let them do what they do best, right? Not entirely, say experienced personal injury attorneys. There are simple steps you can take that can make it far easier for your lawyer to get full and fair compensation for all your losses. Here’s what we recommend:

Step One: Seek Immediate Medical Attention

This is critical, not just because it offers you the best opportunity for a full medical recovery. It’s also important because it can eliminate potential defenses from the party at-fault. If you don’t seek timely medical treatment, you open the door for a number of challenges to your claim, including:

  • It wasn’t really caused in the accident, but by some subsequent event
  • It wasn’t a serious injury, or you would have sought medical care sooner

Step Two: Get Information from the At-Fault Party or Parties, as Well as Witnesses

You want to obtain information that will allow your attorney to contact anyone who was either involved in the accident or who saw what happened. If you gather that information right away, it offers your lawyer the opportunity to question witnesses while memories are still fresh. Additionally, the sooner you can provide information to your attorney, the sooner legal action can be initiated and the sooner you can get compensation. Typically, you (or someone you love, if your injury is too serious) can gather this information at the scene and time of the accident.

Step Three: Hire an Attorney

There are a number of reasons to hire an attorney as soon as possible. First, you will likely turn to your own insurer to recover for some of your losses. But don’t be surprised if your insurance company engages in delaying tactics or denies your claim. Your insurer has a vested interest in paying as little as possible to settle your claim. Let your attorney be your advocate with your insurance company.

In addition, there are time restraints on the filing of a personal injury lawsuit. Though you typically have at least two years to file your complaint, the sooner you do, the less risk you have that critical witnesses will die or disappear.

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