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3 Places Where Inadequate or Poor Lighting Can Cause Injury

Retail Stores and Mall Parking Lots | Nursing Homes and Hospitals | Workplaces

Common sense tells us that inadequate or poor lighting hampers visibility. It also makes people more prone to fall injuries. A property owner may be aware of hazards such as poorly lit ramps, steps, parking lots or even hallways. Owners should take reasonable or timely action to remedy the hazard. In such personal injury cases, courts scrutinize an owner’s actions and can rule that the property owner was negligent. In such cases, they award compensation to the injured party.

Of course, everyone knows that daily life involves a certain amount of risk. Most people do take precautions. However, when negligence leads to a serious injury in a darkly lit retail store, gas station or mall parking lot, you should not have to pay for subsequent medical bills or lost wages from missed work.

Poor Lighting in Store and Mall Parking Lots

A poorly lit parking lot can obscure cracks or potholes. Not only that, this type of hazard can make people more vulnerable to criminal assaults and robbery. Property owners have a legal responsibility to maintain safe property.

Cenergetix recommends guidelines for keeping shopping malls, retail stores and businesses well lit at night:

  • Ensure you can see and identify another person who is 100 feet away
  • Make lighting bright enough to see stairs, curbs and other areas
  • Make light sufficient to see safely between parked cars
  • Ensure the lighting is bright enough to see potholes, roadway obstacles and other cars

Nursing Homes and Hospitals

Many seniors already have physical or mental conditions that lessen their ability to move around and cope in life. Consequently, they are more prone to falls. The same is true for people in hospitals who are recovering from injuries or a disease. In these environments, poorly lit hallways are particularly hazardous. Facilities should take quick action to remedy poor lighting before injuries occur.


As employees rush around to get their jobs done, they might not see well in poorly lit areas. Slips and falls are much more common when visibility is poor. Replacing broken fixtures and lights should be a priority for employers.

Seek legal counsel as soon as possible if you or a loved one has been seriously injured due to inadequate lighting. At Sackstein Sackstein & Lee, LLP, we offer a free initial consultation to discuss the injury and the prospects of taking legal action.




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