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Negligent Design | Faulty Construction | Poor Maintenance

Negligent Design | Faulty Construction | Poor Maintenance

New York City construction occurs on a large scale and you see evidence of this in the city’s massive skyline. Getting the job done requires use of heavy machinery, tools and equipment, and careful operation is crucial for safety reasons. Operators must be skilled, and the tools of the trade must not be defective or poorly maintained. Construction is an inherently dangerous line of work, and without properly functioning machinery, serious injuries and fatalities occur.

What Factors Often Determine Whether Equipment or Tools Are Defective?

In any type of manufacturing, defects can be an issue, and construction tools and machinery are no exception. Defective products typically arise when the following occurs:

  • A faulty product design is used in manufacturing tools or machinery
  • Substandard materials are used in manufacturing the machinery, equipment or tool
  • Improper tool or machinery assembly results in malfunction
  • Failure to provide labels with instructions for proper use leads to improper operation

Determining Liable Parties in a Dangerous or Defective Tools or Machinery Case

When determining liability in a defective or dangerous machinery or tools case, our attorneys thoroughly investigate the details surrounding your accident and evaluate which parties were responsible. Parties that we investigate may include:

  • Property owner where the construction site was located
  • Construction company that was overseeing the construction work
  • The construction tool or machinery owner
  • The company that serviced the machinery or tool
  • Manufacturer of the tool or machinery

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